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ETD Tutors was founded in 2016 and it only keeps growing from there. Top students hire tutors on our platform for their most important assignments. 

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Our name “ETD Tutors” comes from Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Tutors – meaning we constantly strive to find and work with the best tutors from around the world. Our rigorous screening process identifies experts in their domains who have passion and drive.

Of the thousands of applications ETD Tutors receives every month, typically fewer than 1% are accepted.

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We are a closely-knit, globally-distributed network of top Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation tutors, ready to help you with your most important assignments. From Ph.D.s and Ivy Leagues to teachers, doctors, professors and pilots, our tutors are the best.

ETD Tutors About Us

Rick Schiff, LLB, LLM, PHD.

Are you a busy lawyer or law student that would like help with writing a legal text? My Law writing service helps both lawyers and students. For lawyers and attorneys, I specialize in research and case preparation for legal texts. In the past, I have drafted pleadings and pro se litigants. For professors and students, I can draft essays for legal journals or law school assignments.

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Natalie Sorkin, BA, MBA, PhD.

I offer online writing and editing to help you express your ideas in a clear and effective way. I’m comfortable with ESL writers and I’m familiar with standards for academic papers and business writing, including emails, marketing collateral, and project documentation. I can help with subjects like Nursing, Business, English, Law, and Education.


Tom Duvall, BA, MFA, PhD.

Creative writing professor with 20+ years experience in offering a high quality, reliable writing services. I can help you develop plans and provide editing for a variety of academic assignments, including essays, literature reviews, and dissertations. All work is completed to the highest of standards and is underpinned by the relevant academic methodologies.


Kristen Lewis, PhD, MSN, RN, FNAP.

I am a certified nursing educator and freelance writer with vast expertise the field of healthcare and medicine. I offer essay and research paper writing for nursing and pharmacy students, nursing care plan writing, and even cover letter and resume writing for nursing professionals. Contact me with questions about your Literature Review, Discussion Posts, or a paper for your online class. No obligation – Ill be glad to connect with you and exchange some emails.

ETD Tutors About Us

Let us handpick the perfect tutor for you!

Simply give us your availability, budget, subject you need help in, and let our experts take it from there. We’ll reach out to tutors, confirm availabilities and qualifications, and connect you with the perfect tutor for you.